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Laxat & fällmontage
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Printed on: 09/11/2007
Topic author: Umimmak Torulleq
Subject: Laxat & fällmontage
Posted on: 05/03/2004 6:02:27 PM

Hey folks.

I need a little help about a HVA-rifle that is announced for sale with the description as laxat sigte. Sigte is sights, but what on earth means laxat? and with a scope in fällmontage. Here montage is scopemounts, but means fällmontage a sidemount or ?

Any help will surely be appreciated!

All the best from Umimmak Torulleq
Reply author: Pettson
Replied on: 05/03/2004 6:20:16 PM

"Fällmontage" probably means side swinging or tip-off mount. If it is a period mount my bet is that it's a Weaver.

"Laxat" means that the sight is fitted by a dovetail slot ("laxspår"), either in the sight base or directly in the barrel.

Early HVA rifles had a soldered ring base around the barrel, with the dovetail in the base. Later rifles, such as the 1640, had the dovetail cut directly in the barrel.

Below is an example of barrel dovetails on the 1640, and of the older, more costly and much better looking way of doing it.


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