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Matching Husqvarna M96 1943 came yesterday

Although I collect 98k rifles, I've also collected several Swedish Mausers due, in large part, to their excellent workmanship. The particulars of my Husqvarna M96 1943 are: serial # 2889, with #889 on all of the following: bolt knob (tilted crown), bolt shroud (vertical crown), safety (vertical ), cocking piece (vertical ), floorplate (vertical ), triggerguard (vertical ), front band (vertical ), bottom band (vertical ), ejector box (vertical ), all rear sight parts (vertical). Both band springs have a vertical crown as does the metal end cap of the stock. The barrel has a crown over T just above the serial number on the chamber area of the barrel and another tilted crown about 3/4 of an inch away with a CÖ under the barrel. The sear has a tilted crown while the front sight and its blade each has a vertical crown. The stock has 2889 struck into the wood just behind the sight relief cut while the handguard has 2889 S struck just in front of the rear sight cutout. The outside of the stock has a crown just behind the triggerguard cutout as well as a second crown overT just below that one. I believe that's about it!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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