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I normally haunt the DDR pages, but have a modest TR collection, so I stop in here from time to time just to see what's going on. I happen to have a 15 volume collection of various NS, Wehrmacht and SS marching songs. Each disc is about 75 minutes of original Historical recordings From The National Socialist and Second World War ERA. Each CD contains a collection of tracks converted from original 1930's and 1940's era Shellac 78 rpm recordings from the European theater. Each individual track is reproduced digitally for optimal clarity while still retaining the original warmth and tone from the analog recordings...many of these tracks are extremely rare and are unavailable other than in the original 78 RPM format. As such, each 78 RPM record contain only 2 songs...a costly endeavor for even the most advanced collector. racks which are followed by an asterisk (*) are post war recordings included for their unique addition to the collection. The cd's in the Soldatenlieder and Deutsche Märsche collections offered here represent a cost effective alternative to an original collection, without sacrificing a high standard of recording fidelity. These recording have been compiled in Europe and are now available in a limited quantity. Soldatenlieder Vol 1 is the first of 15 compact disc compilations.

I'm asking 20.00 per disc including postage within the USA...of course i will combine multiple discs into the same package and offer a discount. I don't want to list all the discs here, but if you are interested, please send me an email, or P.M and i can get one to you. A huge discount for anyone who wants all 15 discs...The sale of the discs is helping me pay off some of the debt incurred during my trip to Germany this summer...The euro was killing me.
Please see the track listing below.

1 hour 16 minutes 23 seconds

1. Die Fahne Hoch (3:14)
2. Am Arsch der Welt (4:29) *
3. Wir sind die braunen Soldat (3:03)
4. Erika (3:08)
5. Deutschland über alles (3:35)
6. Infanterie, du bist die Krone aller Waffen (2:11) *
7. Am A. H. Platz (3:05)
8. Die braune Kompanie (2:16)
9. Frankreichlied (2:57)
10. Heil H. Dir (2:56)
11. H. leute (3:04)
12. Panzerlied (2:26) *
13. ..Marschiert in Feindesland (0:45)
14. Von Finnland Bis Zum Schwarzen Meer Russland Lied (3:11)
15. Westerwald (2:32)
16. Bomben Auf Engeland (2:53)
17. Luftwaffe - Jagdflieger-Lied (3:11)
18. Es zittern die morschen Knoche (2:47)
19. Das Hakenkreuzlied (2:31)
20. Lied der HJ (1:42)
21. Gegen Briten Und Franzosen (2:54)
22. Lied der Sturmartillerie (2:35)
23. Wir sind die alten Landser (2:15)
24. Wenn die SS und die SA aufmarschiert (2:59)
25. Soldatenlieder - Track 9 (1:13)
26. Lale Anderson - Lili Marlene (2:53) *
27. Auf Kreta im Sturm und im Regen (3:34) *
28. Panzer voran (2:04)
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