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Howdy to All,

New to this "board& forum."

I own a LLama IX-C .45, love this pistol as long as it get fed FMJ ammo. I also have a oned a 1915 Astra, .32 for about 1 1/2 years and carry this piece everyday. J.M. Browning classic design, mine is a 1st contract serial number 14XX. Shoots like a new piece. I tried to "foul" it by shooting 1-2 mags a day without cleaning it, I quit after 375-400 rounds fired without a hic-up.

I purchaced a 1916 Astra and I'm looking for the "slide lock & safety lever pin." Anyone know where to find one? It's the reason I was searching the web for information on Spanish pistols.

Thanks to everyone.


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