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... IIRC the seller told me the bolt, receiver and stock are all stamped with the same numbers and the rest of the metal parts are electro-penciled with the same set of numbers. ...
He (you?) is probably mistaken about the bolt (and/or bolt carrier?) being stamped-matching. I have yet to see one of the ReArsed SVTs that were imported in that group in the mid-90s (but there certainly may be some) that sported their original bolt/bolt-carriers.

In all of the ones that I have seen, the receivers & stocks are stamped-matching (the latter sometimes reflecting a re-stamp) and everything else is EP-matched.

I think that the Soviet ReArse boys followed the same pattern as with the K98ks, stripping everything and putting most of the parts in large bins, refinishing everything, EP-renumbering&reassembling from the bins without any attempt to match original numbers.

Congrats on the SVT & bayo! FYI, a QTY of SVT bayonets (many/most new in grease) made it into the States 1-2 years ago and were being sold for $175-$225.
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