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Well I couldn't help it, I know what santa is going to bring me.
I had a quick peek.
My wife is going to give me a tactical vest.
And I can't wait!

So my question is, exactly how do you break-in nylon/polyester vest?
Looking at the vest it's very stiff and I want to get it to be more flexiable.


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There is no breaking in a nylon / polyester vest. You just have to put it on with all of your gear in the pockets then adjust the straps or tension cords which will be on the sides or in the back until it's comfortable. The wife may have to help you here. Then go for a quick run to make sure it is tight enough and doesn't make too much noise. If you try to pre-strech it out or loosen it up you may weaken or tear the fabric and ruin the vest. It should fit snug so it doesn't rub your skin and so the gear doesn't bounce and rattle but it should not restrict your movement too much, although, it will a little because it is an additional layer and it is somewhat stiff. If you do anything to loosen it up everything will sag and gap and bounce and make noise when all of your gear is in the pockets.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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