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how to tell russian capture

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i have a rifle w/ a 42 on rcvr w/ 1938 below it. laminated stock, no visible #s. s/n 276 w/ a small x below it on left side rcvr, matches all others except bolt which is all different. mod 98 on left side rcvr. wa63 on all #parts. no import marks. there is a very small s as in ss on front edge of rcvr, above the 42. thanks for any help
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The overall condition of the rifle will be an indication also even if no Russian X is found. Shellaced stock, missing sight cover, missing cleaning rod, mix of parts, electropencilled SNs on the bolt etc.

My picture resolution is too bad to make out the top marking on the looks like a waffenamt with the 7 below it to me...which doesn't make much sense. Although if I look at it sideways it does kinda look like the capture mark....
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