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how to tell russian capture

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i have a rifle w/ a 42 on rcvr w/ 1938 below it. laminated stock, no visible #s. s/n 276 w/ a small x below it on left side rcvr, matches all others except bolt which is all different. mod 98 on left side rcvr. wa63 on all #parts. no import marks. there is a very small s as in ss on front edge of rcvr, above the 42. thanks for any help
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I have no idea what that mark is, however, as previously stated if it isn't covered with varnish and there are no electro-stenciled parts I doubt it's a RC. If it is, that's the smallest x, if it is an x that I've ever seen on one. Regards, Rick.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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