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There is nothing wrong with scout mounts as long as you can mount them so they stay in place. K98 mounts are one of the easier ones to do this. Remember, you will need a long eye relief scope and those tend to cost a bit. My experience with scout mounts has been rather positive. The parallax effect does not affect these scopes as much as the regular ones. Target acquisition is faster as well. On the down side, it makes an old rifle look funky , but if this is not a problem for you, than so be it.
As far as the link above, this may all be true, but this is one man's opinion. Cheap scopes can work well, but they will likely brake sooner than a good ones. My Enfield managed to destroy 2 cheapo's and a Bushnell . Would I put a $500 scope on a $100 plinking rifle ? no I wouldn't . I buy a new $20 scope every year and have fun sighting it etc.
As far as your mount, I like the ides of filling the hole and drilling a new one.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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