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For a lot of this, I agree. That said, I make my own Scout mounts for the arms I build, and they are held in place the same way the Germans mounted their scope bases; soft solder and a close fit to the barrel. My sights don't flop about like a landed fish atop the barrel. The gun with a Scout optic of correct build (and Leupold is the only one that I know of that is making a good conventional Scout scope since Burris quit the game) is very fast to use in the field, and the Military has seen fit to adopt the technique in wholesale lots with its Picatinny rail optics used in the Sandbox.

My major reason for using a Scout scope and mount is to preserve my ability to load with a stripper clip. To me, the rifle is a using implement, not a collector's item or a work of art. I have even been known to use the (Gasp! Gag!) light dot sights. Trijicon and Aimpoint make some first class optics, and the little Optima sight has been of service in times past, and can be fitted to the original sight slide to allow use of the existing elevation works....
I like the Leupold IER very much. I've also used the T/C rail mount scopes and bases with success. I have one with the lighted reticle that the kids think is "cool". I don't care for it, messes up my "night eyes" but I guess their eyes focus quicker with 30 or 40 years less use on them. I don't use scout mounts on unaltered rifles, and don't use the rear sight bases either. Neither are scout setups done as a quick expedient - I'm perfectly capable of a quality full blown bubba. Scout setups have a definite purpose and nothing else does it better. I've found that bases for the T/C Contender work well and I've never had any problems with loose mounts, shift in POI, etc. I generally use Black Max as well as the 4 6X48 screws to attach the base, though I doubt the adhesive is needed. IMO, a scout setup takes a little getting used to but a good one is a joy to use. For me, it's as fast as a reciever sight with a huge advantage in low light and for small targets. A front sight large enough for me to see well in low light is a bit big for small targets. I use my rifles for plinking, small game and pests with mild cast loads alot more than with full power loads. The ability to hold on a rabbits head or soda can at 40 or 50yds is important to me and optics give me that ability. Add the abilty to load from stripper clips, a tough set of irons as backup and the carry traits of a Win 94 make a good scout setup is hard to beat for it's purpose. BTW, I have a friends' B-Square M98 scout base FS on the Trader if anyone needs one.
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