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If they are not too extensive, easy. I've done a few.

Various ways.

You can drill out an area inside the crack from inside the action area in the stock, then drill a relief hole and take a syringe filled with Acraglas and inject it in the hole until the excess squirts out the relife hole {put there so there are no air pockets in the repair}.

I've even drilled a simple hole from the top of the wrist, angling the drill side-to-side so there is only a small hole at the top, then injected Acraglas in there. In that case the relief hole is inside the action area.

If quite serios, you can stick a reverse clamp inside the stock, spread the wrist outward and, you guessed it...inject Acraglas.

A long brass screw can be inserted sideways thru the wrist if you like. For that I've injected the Acraglas in the crack, then placed the clamp on normally, squeezing the wrist together, drilling the hole, running the long screw in and filing off the ends of the screw and dressing down carefully with a file. A nice neat job can be done of it and all you see is two brass "dots" on the sides of the stock. Beware, do not run a screw thru without first clamping the stock as if you do, the screw will actually spread the stock on its way thru. Done that. You don't want to... :)

I'm sure others do it differently, but these are the methods I have used and all have remained stable, not just on HVA guns, but others as well.
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