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I agree with most of what LeeSpeed said. With a bad crack, I would heal it with Accraglas and install a hidden (when possible) brass screw.

If it is just a tiny beginning crack and the stock is reasonably clean I've had good results using Insta-Cure CA glue instead of Accraglas. either the free flowing or the gap filling type, depending on how brave I am feeling at the moment... ;) The gluing and squeezing together of the crack immediately followed by a shower of CA glue Accellerator from same company.

And most of the time with cracked stocks, I would probably bed the action, as the main reason for all the cracked Swede stock is either over tightened or neglected (loose) action screws. In either case, the wood is often damaged, so a bedding is a good way to avoid future problems.

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