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I got started while I was stationed in Germany, I was at Hahn AFB and if you are familiar with that area the base was just about as in the middle of no where as you can be in Germany. I was helping my landlord an old German WW1 vet who spoke no English in his attic when we came across a WW1 German Helmet. He put the helmet on and started shooting at imaginary “ ROOSKIES” I actually got quite a kick out of this, a few days later he came to my part of the house with the Helmet and left it at my door. I normally dealt with his son a Panzer Commander in WW2 who spoke fluent English. So when rent came due I told him about the helmet that I really appreciated it but did not feel right about taking it. During the course of the conversation I was told that I could go to just about any Farmer around and get stuff from them. So on my days off I started prowling the country side looking for stuff. As my German got better my collecting improved. I took anything that was given to me and bought anything I could afford. When I left Germany I had some 50 odd helmets, several uniforms, and parts of several more, medals, gear and other miscellaneous stuff.

Before any one asks I collected all this stuff when I was 18-19 years old it was fun but I really was not into it I drug this stuff from duty assignment to duty assignment until around 1990 and sold it all to someone who knew a steal when they saw it. Me on the other hand I was a complete, utter moron. I laughed all the way to the Bank with the $750.00 I got for the stuff. Several things I know I had that are worth a small mint now I had a gloss Black double decal helmet, before someone doubts this or tells me gloss helmets do not / did not exist I will tell you I had one so it existed. I also had a coverall and overseas cap given to me by my landlord the Panzer Commander. A beautiful looked like new Luftwaffe helmet the paint and eagle were as nice as the day it was made. If I had known then what I know now my retirement fund would look a lot better.
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