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My Granddad, a Marine combat medic who had been at Iwo Jima, Guam, Tarawa, etc, loved his M1 and 1911, I'm told, and took them out all the time to clean them. Unfortunately, he passed on when I was only 7 from cancer, and my Grandma sold off his many firearms, due to all of the children in the house, and her unease/unfamiliarity with them.

Better yet, his extensive set of late 1940s-1960s airplane mechanic's tools were burglarized from my Father's place, years later. I was supposed to inherit those tools, since I could no longer inherit the firearms.

Wouldacouldashoulda, man, I feel your pain...oh well. Now I have my own tools and weapons, but no Garand or 1911, yet, anyway.
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