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I have a bubba-ized Swede 94 receiver that I am attempting to restore.

It had mis-aligned scope mounting holes on the top, that I have been working to fill.

It also has 2 holes on the right hand rear side .

Before I fill these in, I am wondering if perhaps these are for mounting a Hooka type diopter sight.

I've searched the forum, but can't find info on the hole seperation distance, and how far down the right hand side the Hooka diopter holes would be placed.

Anyone have this info ?

The dimensions shown are approximate:

Thanks !


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Side mount diopters

Not likely a Hooka diopter , as they were not in use in the USA at the time . Most likely a Lyman 48m diopter , as they were widely used in the USA .

Here is a chart of the hole patterns on side mounted diopters . These were taken from the diopters , as not all the receivers were available for measurement .


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