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Honolulu Gunshow

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Visiting from MN, went to the gunshow with my son, who lives in HI.

Not many AK's, WASR $500, Maadi CAI import $1,000, preban Polytech milled underfolder, that was hard chromed, $1,500, Russian SKS 1954 Tula laminated stock $450, Chinese SKS M with thumbhole stock $350, bunch of PSL's $995.

Also saw a Swede Lahti M40 9mm pistol $375, was a nice show.
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What are the mag limit laws in Hawaii, I think they have them don't them (or is it only pistols)? The hard chrome UF'er sounds interesting, atleast it sounds like a better deal then the $1000 CAI Maadi :)
10rd on pistol, I saw 30 rd AK mags $25
I was stationed at Kaneohe Bay, ya ya not as fun as it sounds, and those shows in Honolulu were always interesting. They have some interesting laws/rules out there...permit to purchase for instance. I remember seeing some guys there at the show who had some 9mm pistols on display. I saw the same guys at the Tulsa show a few years later. Long way to go for a show.
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