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Honolulu Gunshow

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From Minnesota visiting my son in Hawaii, went to the show in Honolulu.

Finn M28 $400, M39 1970 $475, Russian 38 with scope and AK muzzle brake $250, M44 $350, German G43 AC44 with scope, mount and cover $3,000, G43 with replacement stock $1,400, Swedish Ljungman $750 Swede M96 $350, French MAS 36 $170, MAS 44 Syrian $1,100. M1 Garands from $850 up, M1 Carbines $750 up.

Was surprised most prices on ammo and primers was good, bought some mags and parts to take home, all in all nice show listed 200 tables, $6 to get in, parking was well lets just say, glad I didn't have big items to carry.
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I went this morning also. I saw Swiss K-31's for about $500, a Mosin-Nagant M44 for $350, some 1903 Springfields for around $600-800 - not much in the way of 98k Mausers that really got my attention. Lots of overpriced black rifles - I saw a Maadi AK-47 that the seller wanted $1,100 for. I saw a Lahti for $375 that seemed like a decent deal, but I already have a nice one that I paid $600 for. I have gotten some pretty good deals at previous gunshows - a 1903 Springfield with C stock for $375, an 1894 Châtellerault Finn M91 for $125, and a mint Finn M91 for $125, but I didn't notice any screaming deals today. However, when you factor in shipping to Hawaii that usually costs $50-60 per rifle and the FFL fee that is $25-$50, the prices begin to look a little better.

Sounds like a good deal on the scoped G43. Interesting market there. Thanks for report.
Welcome to my life. I bought the only Mosin in there for less than $150. It was an all matching 1942 Ishevsk M91/30 with accessories. It looks just amazing, other than that though the prices were horrendous. I actually saw a dealer sell a sweet Russian SKS for $350 to another dealer who turned around and tried to sell it for $450.

But I saw the $350 M44, and the $250 M38 with the obnoxiously large scope. Thats the dealer I bought the 91/30 from. The dealer said "Yeah, put a scope on it and you can be like Vassilli Zaitsev". I tried to tell him that the first 5 people he killed in the movie were with iron sights, but he was too "brudda" for that.

I don't really get why Hawaiians try to sell their guns for so much. I have a C&R and can get $110 shipped/handpicked M44s all day long. Why charge $350?

The only thing I bought that I think I got a great deal on was federal gold medal match. $25 a box is way better than the $60 it usually is.
. . . I don't really get why Hawaiians try to sell their guns for so much . . .
Well, aside from the cost-of-living in Hawaii being high . . .

People all over try to squeeze every dollar they can out of anything.

Look at it over the long term: If a person conducting business over a lifetime does 5,000 selling transactions, and can chisel an extra five dollars out of all of those selling deals he makes, well, that's an extra $25,000 the guy earns over his lifetime.
Correct, but what if the other guy (I.E. OGC Tactical) is selling his guns for $200 less than that guy (Lets say....Magnum Firearms...) won't all Magnums customers go to OGC and then Magnum will eventually lose all that money anyway? Thats how it worked for me. I loved Magnum, until I realized OGC had the same shit for, in some cases, $400 less.
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