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I loaded up some 7.62X54 hunting ammo for a friend's Mosin Nagant sporter years ago using the same Hornady .312 150 gr bullets I use for my .303 British handloads.
We used berdan primed military cases, Chinese I think though I'm not really up on headstamps for this round. We had pulled the bullets from these cases months earlier for experimenting with the Soviet bullet in .303 loads.

If I remember correctly we used a fairly light load of Winchester 760 powder and accuracy was suprizingly good, especially since the barrel of that old sporter was cut down to 18 inches and the bore looked like a sewer pipe with just a trace of rifling.
He was cutting popcicle sticks in half with it at 30 yards or so and plinking cans out to 100 yards without a single miss.
We never tried it on paper so I can't tell you what sort of group it would have printed, and a neighbor of his offered him about three times what the rifle was worth on the spot when he saw how well it shot so our testing was limited.

The Hornady .312 bullets are amazing, they have put new life into every rifle I've loaded for and every rifle I've recommended them for has shown greatly improved accuracy.

Remember that some Fin MN barrels have tight bores of .310 and even .309. The .312 might not be suitable for those rifles.

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Hornady also makes the 174gr. in .3105 dia. that may work. It is a FMJ BT that I have used in a few of my Enfields with a that have a good bore. The .312 150grs. work very well in the Enfields. You may want to slug the barrel of your MN to see what would be best for it.

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Heavy Round nose flat based bullets are the "fix" for shot out or oversized bores because of the longer bearing surface they provide. If you are having accuracy problems with boat tails don't give up on the rifle ... try the big ol' round nose.
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