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Homemade food stores

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Any one ever try to make their own meals? Not necessarily MRE's as my idea would need more prep but storable food you would use throughout the year any way. I plan on buying a 50 pound sack of rice, we eat about 5lbs a month, an equal amount of assorted dried beans, canned chicken/spam/fish/etc. Rice would be packed in 10 cup bags, beans 1lb to a bag and seasoning homemade packets (various, cajun/chicken/mexican/etc) for each bag of rice. I plan to dehydrate fruits and vegetables in season to add as well in individual bags for sides or additions. I also am adding 20 lbs of cornmeal, 40lbs of sugar, undetermined amounts of baking powder, oats, brown sugar, dried milk and vegetable oil. We always use rice, beans, sugar, corn meal, oats, oil and baking powder anyways. The bulk would be portioned out into food saver bags in quantities we would purchase at the grocery store. I figure in food saver bags in the dark basement in gamma sealed buckets I should get a minimum of 3 years shelf life, cycling the items into our normal diet and replacing with fresher ones will keep every thing in a usable state. Plus buying items we already use in bulk will save me $ on the grocery bill. I figure worst case scenario this will provide my family a 2 month food supply as long as the used items are replenished every 6 months or so. The benefit of this whole thing being I have a usable food ration to quell my fears and I don't spend a ton of money on food stores that will never see the light of day. I'm also working on a beer recipe using homemade yeast cultures, homegrown hops and wheat, so I can brew a simple beer if it really gets bad. It won't be anything fancy like the craft beers we do now but it would be worth it's weight in gold. I could always add it to my rice and beans for flavor and B vitamins.
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