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It might be powder post beetles. You don't want them in your gun safe! I had them ruin a stack of seasoned oak I was saving for furniture. I did manage to get some of it salvaged by putting the most obvious damage on the back and bottom of a bookcase I made but that one piece was all I could use. On it, a guy told me if I sealed up the holes with varnish, lacquer or paint that the bugs would suffocate. I did that (polyurethane) and had no further problem with additional damage but the bugs may have already gotten FULL and moved on.

These bugs leave holes about the size of the two little zeros of the % sign on your keyboard and there will be a sifting of powder fine sawdust ejected from the hole, which is very obvious if the wood is still sitting where it first became infested.

You could try sealing the stock with beeswax or something if you don't wish to risk damage from chemicals. I think I'd remove the metal from the stock and lay it on a shelf in the garage or something and watch it. If it is powder post beetles and they're still in there, you'll soon see sawdust accumulating outside of any active holes. At that point, you don't have much to lose by waging chemical warfare since they'll ruin the stock eventually, anyway.

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