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Posted - 12/24/2003 : 6:56:42 PM

Why would it not be possible to
(1) Contact the importers of these carbines and ask from what country were they purchased.
(2) Contact ATF with a Freedom of Information Act request on country of origin on the 8mm imports.

Have no idea what papers have to be filed with import rifles, is selling country identification IDed rather than port of export. (purchased from Yugogania government, but shipped through Abesmania port of Yusob.) Think if we put our minds/energys to it we might come up with something.

Posted - 07/21/2004 : 1:13:57 PM
GENTLEMEN, THANK YOU! Was just about to post another question since I had not seen a reply to this question. Is there not some way to determine where the big importers get their rifles? Some years back I checked with ATF in Disneyland East (Wash. D. C.) and was told they did not release that information.

I wonder if a number of us wrote our Congressional deligates asking the same question and noting reason we were asking was for research purposes if ATF would not release the info. Be interesting to find where Springfield Sporters located their 8mms?

I know in some cases the domestic companies buy from an importer. This happened in the mid-80s with the Arisakas from China imports. SE dealers bought from a firm in Savannah GA that imported several overseas shipping containers from the Chinese. Still, somewhere in the bureaucracy, there should be records on who imported what, from where? I realize that these could have come from a dealer in Europe or ??? that purchased the rifles from some other country, but there should be a paper trail.

A rifle with history, even if only where it was last issued, is worth more, to me, than one with no history at all! Comments?

Brian Stewart
Posted - 07/28/2004 : 4:56:54 PM
Congress passed a law this past year that firearm import and manufacturing data could not be released to the public. Also, how many traces of firearms were done is now not public information. The reason is that the NRA wanted to shut off the anti-gun lawyers sueing gun companies from misrepresenting the DATA the ATF was collecting. This law is good to help the industry recover from the left wing lawsuits.
However, like you I would follow the import data previously. There use to be about 250,000 guns a year imported of all types. Although you would think the importers have imported a lot of guns they really haven't brought in that many surplus guns.


I was an importer of surplus firearms an ammo for over 10 years and I still import military vehicles today, The AFT told you only part of the truth when they said that the Form 6 are confidential, they are but for only two years, after that they then can be accessed.
In order to import firearms and ammo into the US you must first gain permission, that means you must tell the Arms Control Division of the State Department , what you wish to import and where it was made, and what country it is being importing from and finally who is the agent in the country of export, You would be able to find out where any firearm can from. Should you have any questions, please contact me,
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