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In 1976 I got a bicentinnel ruger mini-14 my dad ordered for me,we had a play going on at school a western with a shooting scene,teacher was wondering how to do the sound effects of course I volunteered had a good supply of .223 blanks. Teacher thought it was great well night of play full auditorium I was backstage peeking around the curtains when I let the first round off [ for effect ] welllll it worked I swear the whole audience jumped up a foot in their seats in unision I will never forget that moment it was great !!!
Can't tell you how many times I went to school with mini-14 or a 30-06 laying on the back seat no one ever said anything shoot the doors woundn't even lock on my 66 mustang no one locked their cars or pickups most boy's had rifke racks with rifles in back glass of truck. W ish it was that good again !
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