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awww....AWWWWWWw man that is a nice looking and for $165??!?!?!?! geez its too bad that a similar looking one would now fetch $1000 in good condition.

it's amazing to me how the politicians are just not using their heads anymore. if they make a gun restriction law its not the criminals who will say "dang...i guess i can't buy that AK47 anymore", because they will get it anyway. its the citizens who will be hurting with all these restrictions because the bad guys have and will never follow the laws. its such a sad thing to see all of these anti-gun groups touting that more guns=more violence when it has been proven that in fact the opposite is true and has been proven. there are countless stories of robberies, home invasions, and crazy person rampages stopped by a person with a gun however no one hears about this; why? because if it were to hit the news that "tragedy was averted today when a murderous rampage was stopped cold by a citizens and their firearms". something like that would shred the arguments of the anti-gun groups. people would be running to their gun stores purchasing firearms to protect themselves. i have seen a few interviews with convicted criminals who openly say they wouldn't rob someone if they even thought that they had a gun.

*whew* sorry to go on a tirade like that but it needed to be said and i plan on saying it over and over whenver the topic comes up.
cpw said:
Actually seems like the more restrictions there are, the more problems there are.
simply said and well put all at the same time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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