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I was 10 when i ran into a friend of my dads who started me on the path to gun collecting 18 years ago. My eyes boggled when he used to open up his gun cabinet and let me check out his surplus goodies!

He told me how when he was in high school (early 60's) he reworked an enfield in shop class because he needed a new hunting rifle. He carried it back and forth to school on the bus with his fellow classmates day after day and stored it in his locker when he was in his other classes for the day......never a single problem. He even got an A on his project from the shop teacher.

Fast forward to the late '90's when i was in highschool and had a buddy get in trouble for having a picture of him holding his rifle, behind the deer he shot. Crazy how bad things have got.
I was class of 1963, I worked on a Remington .22 in shop class. The teacher had a couple
of old hammer shotguns he was tinkering with.
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