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Hi all,
I just cleaned up my ammo cans and found a full box of 6.5 x 55 ammo that I
didn't know that I had. The brass is stamped 6.5 x 55 Herter's. The bullet is the longest that I've ever seen. Anyone heard of these? I'm guessing some sort of handload.
I got the stiches from my moose hunt removed today. I'm now thinking of a brown bear, caribou, and deer with my AG-42B, if I can get the sights going
better(I do not particulary like the rifle and want a M38).
I want a post 1941 M38, not too big of an AG fan, but will keep it. I'm looking to trade my CZ-52 and a little cash for a M38 to hunt with.
My kids have the internet Anders and Petter translated 42B manual and want to use it on game but I need to make sure the sights are ok. Last year, a son put a nice buck in it's coffin with the M96 that I just got the trophy moose with................he is a huge fan, so the craft is alive and well. I'm making him learn the history of the M96.
Last night my lovely bride cooked cubed moose steaks, (I got with
M 96 )smothered in stewed tomatoes............damn!!!!!.............
I proposed to her on MCall ridge in the Wrangel Mountains in 1998, after we took 2 Dahl sheep (witnessed by Paul Klauss, owner / chief pilot of Ultima- Thule Airways). She used a new Youth Remmington model 7 .243, and I used my trusty M96 to make a spetacular 400 yd shot. She packed her critter and found our tent after I got us lost.
Also, we will consider a good shooting grade M38 t(orig bent bolt) trade for a sucessful Sitka deer or alaska caribou pay expenses.

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1941 M38

I have two '41 M38's. I have been hoping to trade for a '42, the only M38 Hus I am missing. Your idea of a trade for a Caribou hunt is interesting. Why don't you PM me and we can talk about it. Duane
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