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Henry .44 Ammo

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I am getting a bit confused as I have been reading up on the Stetson .44 cartridge and am getting some mixed messages.

Where it started was when I read that the Colt 1871-72 Open Top may have been calibered in .44 Henry to allow Westerners to carry one type of ammo for their Winchester 66s and Colt 1871-72s.

However I read that the 1871-72 will only accept the Stetson version and not the earlier .44 Henrys so you would need a stockist of that readily available. This casts doubt on that reasoning.

I would appreciate your input please. My questions are;

(1) Could the Winchetser 66 use both the .44 Henry and the Stetson cartridge?
(2) How available was the Stetson cartridge out West?
(3) Would a Stetson be useful in a Long Cylinder Conversion of an 1860 Colt .44 seeing it was .45+ in bore?
(4) Was the orininal .44 Henry .443 in bullet diameter and the Stetson .429?

Thanks in advance
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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