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Hello Gents,

This one has been hanging around (literally!) for more years than I care to think about! However, I'm trying to decide if it might legitimately serve as the center piece for a mannequin display based on some recent reading in a very interesting book!

It's a pre-WWI dark blue Austro-Hungarian tunic with red collar and cuffs with a double row of buttons. I believe this general pattern dates to 1866 or 1869, however without my library handy, I'm not certain of the arm of service, i.e. artillery, infantry, I doubt cavalry, etc. etc. I would like to move beyond speculation, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

It's a very old photos and while it looks almost black in the lighting, it is in fact dark blue. It's been so long that I looked at it, I don't recall how or if it is marked inside???

Thanks Gents!

Warmest regards,



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Hey John, I can not find that exact tunic anywhere in my books, the pointed cuffs would indicate a Hungarian Regt. if I am correct. can not tell if it has an Achseldragoner on the left shoulder (thin shoulder strap of one loop of yellow and black cord) This would indicate a mounted or artillery tunic. If it is infantry, depending on the colour of red (I have trouble with reds and colours tend to change over time due to unstable dies) it cound be the 6 rgt., 23 regt., 34 regt., 39 regt., 53 regt,. 66 regt., 67 regt., 78 regt., 82 regt.
Best gue
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