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Cross hairs

Years ago, I bought a book on the repair of telescopic sights. However, I just moved, and everything is packed away in boxes, so I would not have a clue where to find it right now.

The author recommended a fine wire that was specially made for scope use, and also gave a dealer's address.

For a simple cross hair, you buy a large washer, one that is larger than the carrier that the scope uses. You then mark out four marks at 90 degrees to each other, and cement the wire to the washer. You then center the washer with the cross hairs over the scope cross hair carrier, and cement the cross hairs to the scope carrier. Then trim.

This is a simplified version. Personally, I would take a look in some of the Gun Magazines such as "Rifle", where there should be advertisements for scope repairs.

Also, if the scope you are using is Nitrogen filled to prevent fogging, you will have to refill it. You can leave the end eye piece off, put the scope in a long, narrow, cardboard box, and then fill the box with Nitrogen gas.
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