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What you have appears to be a Gewehr 98M. It is considered a 98M because of the updated rear sight. In the mid 1930's many Gew 98 rifles were re-worked and had the original Lange rear sight replaced with a K98 style rear sight by the Nazis. It may have an S/42G or S/42k or various other makers marks on the rear sight base. The 1920 mark on the reciever signifies that the rifle was excepted for use by the Weimar Republic in post WW1 Germany. Also, Spandau did not make many complete Gew 98s in 1917. Most of the recievers were contracted from belgium, and the rifles were assembled at depot level or at the Mauser Oberndorf factory.

Here is an older thread about the 1917 Spandaus. There were pictures attached until Gunboards was rebuilt not long ago. I will see if I can repost some of them.

Congrats on your first Mauser!
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