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Here are some Longbranch rifles, in their original configuration.
Wartime rifles were blued, 1950s production and FTR rifles are Parkerized.
You can see the button cocking piece on the 1942 "3L" series.
This is the 1942, 3L---

The Mk1 sight on the 1942 is quite hard to come by----most of the wartime LB production has the two-position flip sight like this 1943, 23L---

There are also three varieties of LB marked stamped/welded backsights, like this other 1943 carries. This rifle also has the stamped triggerguard---

The bluing on these rifles is almost black---in the photos, it's pulled into the grey by the lighting I used for the indoor shots. My camera does color correction, but I haven't read that part of the manual, yet.

As to price, I paid less than $400US for the nearly perfect 1942 pictured above, in April 2006. A 1941 LB could bring much more.
It's all dependant on your mood and the money in your pocket at the time, though, isn't it?
Good hunting.
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