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Help with installing Tapco furniture on an AK

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New to the board and have some questions regarding my Century Arms Romanian AK. I purchased the furniture set from Tapco, the folding stock with SAW pistol grip and Galil type forearm. However, the folding stock is designed for the stamped receivers and is set up to be attached using a rear tang. I thought the Century Arms AK was a stamped receiver, and as far as I can tell it does have rivets. After disassembling and removing the rear stock of my AK, it does not have a rear tang, but a bolt running through the stock into the flat end of the rear of the receiver. Also, the wooden butt stock has a square wooden lug that fits into the rear of the receiver. Do I have a variation of a stamped receiver?

Moving to the hand guards. After removing the stock upper and lower, the Tapco replacements do not come close to fitting. The bottom guard has a plastic lug on the back end of the guard which is too large to fit into the front of the receiver and if aligned to the band to secure it to the barrel, it is too short to fit into the receiver (if the lug were small enough to do so). Is this because I need guards for the variation of a stamped receiver?

Have not tried the pistol grip as of yet.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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Yep you got a Yugo, CAI makes black plastic handguards but not butt stocks. Sounds like time to buy a WASR :)
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