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I'm currently in Afghanistan (6th time) and normally pass up all the junky fake guns at all of the bazaars. However, I came across a couple that look rather decent. I'll attempt to take pictures tomorrow of in the next few days. I'm no expert but one has "Enfield" marked on the lock plate and the other has "Tower" (can't remember dates). Both are percussion cap with 2 bands each and the fit and finish is nice. The hammers function smoothly and all of the hammer and nipple and trigger guard shapes appear correct. Both rifles have the bar and ring on the left hand side.

The shop owner readily points out which rifles in his shop are fake and which ones are "real"....he insists these two are "real". I know the odds are stacked against these being real, but I'm trying to do my homework.

Questions are:

1) What years were 2-band rifles (with bar and ring) made?...are these cavalry carbines?
2) Was "Enfield" ever stamped on the lock plate of the 2-band cavarly carbines? I've seen Tower and Barnett London, but can't find "Enfield" on the web
3) Were these barrels smooth bore or rifled?
4) Any markings/proofs I should look for?


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