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Help with bayonet identification

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Hi Folks,

I recent antique shop acquisition. Seems to have some characteristics of both French and Dutch T-back. Appears unaltered from time of manufacture. No scabbard. Hoping someone will be able to ID, based on star on blade and distinct mark on upper handle, knight on horseback. Opposite side unmarked.

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Greek M1903- nice find. The marking is St. George slaying the dragon- the dragon being that squiggly marking below the horse.
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Its M1903/14 greek bayonet delivered post 1927 by Italian producer. Most real its a Breda production.
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Thanks Stede and AndyB! Much appreciate you both sharing your knowledge. Out of the pail of bayonets offered this was the one I was not able to identify, so an attractive mystery to solve. Yet another unrelated item for my collection! Any comment on rarity, on a scale of 1 - 10 (10 being unique)?
There is delivered 100000 rifles M03/14 to Greek from Italy around 1927-30. The bayonets exist from various makers.
Thanks again AndyB, and staffy! Highly appreciate you filling in my knowledge gap. I will do a bit more research now that you have pointed me in the right direction.
With this bayonet should be steel scabbard.
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