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Hello Gents,

I was wading through storage looking for several specific trench knives when I came across two M1895 Nagant revolver holsters that I purchased in Russia while I was doing business in Moscow in the early 1990s. One example is a brown right handed holster with an adjustable buckle shoulder strap, while the other black holster is left handed with two belt loops.

Here are some detailed photos of both holsters along with the occasional comment. These aren't the later pebble-grained holsters that turn up on the internet all the time. The flap of the brown holster has an old hole in it that I would assume was originally used to mount some form of insignia? Both holsters were made with quality leather and are still supple with solid stitching.
Basic pump Natural material High heels Bridal shoe Metal

Both holsters have carefully stitched closures to protect the muzzle of the revolvers.
Footwear Shoe Wood Road surface Automotive tire

The Black Holster:
Artifact Metal Fashion accessory Leather Bronze

Tool Natural material Metal Foot Fashion accessory

Tire Grey Denim Automotive tire Font

Bag Sleeve Luggage and bags Collar Material property

The black holster doesn't have a single inspection stamp anywhere. Private purchase perhaps?
Sleeve Bag Wood Electric blue Beige

The Brown Holster:
Bag Natural material Bat Fashion accessory Shoulder bag

Shoe Leg Human body Luggage and bags Amber

Luggage and bags Bag Beige Material property Handbag

To be continued...............

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Luggage and bags Rectangle Wood Tints and shades Bag

Hood Helmet Gas Auto part Automotive exterior

The brown holster has the faint remnants of two inspection stamps, one rectangular and the other circular. There is a third stamp with linear Cyrillic letters that is separate from the other two stamps.
Brown Beige Amber Wood Tints and shades

I used a photo editor to help coax out the remnants of each stamp. The round inspection stamp overlaps the rectangular stamp.
Brown Paint Amber Orange Art

When I acquired the holsters, they were listed as imperial era, however minus legible inspection stamps, obviously this cannot be proven. However, the quality of workmanship is superior to the majority of the WWII era holsters that I've encountered over the years.

I ran several searches online in an attempt to establish current approximate value, but couldn't find any holsters that match either of these examples for sale or as sold. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated.

The holsters are NOT for sale. I simply haven't kept up with the value of these holsters. I have a 1915 dated Nagant that appeared along with both holsters in Johan Somers' "Imperial Russian Field Uniforms and Equipment 1907-1917"
Revolver Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Personal protective equipment Carmine Wood Fashion accessory Font

Any and all help with a current valuation would be greatly appreciated.

Warmest regards,

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