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View attachment 2864 It is a "Commercial" Russian model , as opposed to a Military Surplus. That is a real good deal for a new one.:) Pictured is a Hi-Cap Commercial.

If you haven't yet, you can start looking at some good reading on the site by clicking the link above. :cool:
Edit: "
How is Izmech different from Baikal?
IMEZ stands for Izhevskii Mechanicheskii Zavod or Izhevsk Mechanical Factory located in the city of Izhevsk near the Ural Mountains. They produce the Makarov, PSM, various shotguns, airguns, artificial pacemakers for the heart, oil drilling equipment. It is a goverment, state owned enterprise, but has the right to close its own business contracts and deals without govermental interferance." (Copied from FAQ page)

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