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I am looking for Winchester 190 .22 spring tube that locks in to the inner tube were you load the .22 cases. i ordered one from GB and it turned out its is a wrong tube for this rifle. i tried to research the year was made, but i cant find any info. What I understand there were two or three different tubes made My neighbor asked my help to get the rife in working order and he doesn't know what happened to the original tube for where the paper work is. of course he is ninety years old, i wouldn't remember what i did last week.
here is the pictures of the tube that doesn't work on the rifle.

here is email from dealer on GB View attachment 530986

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FYI the picture you forwarded from Numrich is a generic picture and is no way shape or form a magazine tube for a Winchester 190. The magazine tube I shipped you is a complete "late style" tube from a Model 190. If you read my listing description you would see that it says "for the models that take the tube that has the plastic end". If this does not fit your Model 190 that means you have an early production Model 190. This is not a defective part! I suggest you return the magazine tube to me and I will refund you payment less the shipping and I wish you the best of luck with Numrich.


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Hi Karen,
I received the item today, Item Auction # 275868228 for Winchester 190 spring tube is missing a bead on the top of the tube which latches to the inner tube and locks in place. FYI ,wrong or defective part need to return.

here is the pictures what should look like.

Thank you.


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Shennum & Hartman have this to say about the Model 290 & 190:
1963- No serial number data.
1974 2,171,263 prodcued (data from Madis THE WINCHESTER BOOK)
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