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Hey guys, I have a nice matching g43 with a unsanded stock so i decided i will be bringing this k43 to my next local gun show and put it up for sale.

All major parts match and all internals are original and not been swapped or upgraded

No Shooters kit

currently in repro stock/repro buttplate, repro hood and rod........not sure if bolt dust cover is original or repro....

i’m including the stock that it was in when i got had a rubber buttpad and i tried having a local gunsmith add material from a donor stock to try and make it look better. Came out ok but still not what i wanted. I’m not sure if this stock is original or not and if original if it is likely was sanded on i assume.

i will include one denmark mag and keep 2 original mags for my set up.

bore looks good, metal looks signs of cracks or metal repairs......previous owner fired it with under powered rounds and said no issues...i never fired this one. .......

what should i ask for it with all the above issues mentioned ? I think a rifle like this i would prefer to sell in person so a potential buyer can see this all in person and easier to explain then to sell online. I have pics of the internal from when i had it apart awhile ago . Thank you

thank you

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Man, that's a tough call, plus it's Panel Cut receiver. The question to me isn't the value but how I'd sell it (which stock). I'm sitting here looking at the pics trying to decide if you'd do better putting it back in the original stock (for originality's sake), but it looks good in the repro stock too. The rifle in either stock is worth 2500 all day long in my opinion but a bit more intrinsic value in the original stock even with it previously altered (assuming the butt plate will fit properly and the the compartment still exists). You could flip that repro stock (it appears a Polish non-Fox stock) for probably 400 since you've got the action fitting pretty well and a finish of some sort on it. So, I see almost 3k from the sale of the rifle and the sale of the extra stock. I'd list it right here on the Trader Forum and it'll sell at another 400 for either stock.
If I were buying (and I'm not because my wallet is still suffering from a BCD G43 I bought a month or so back) I'd be willing to go 2500 if it were in the original stock albeit altered at the butt (but repaired) and obviously at least somewhat sanded. I think that would reflect the range that most people would spend for a matching but less than perfect rifle. Again, you still have that stock to sell. Take good pics of it in the repro stock to show how well it's been fit and I see a 400 sale.
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