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Help needed with .22 cal Enfield rifle

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I have the opportunity to buy this Enfield .22 cal rifle it was build by London Small Arms and is dated 1908. It has a nice cartouche on the stock. I have found limited info on it and think it was used by shooting clubs and on a limited basis by the British military. Can anyone give me a range on going prices for these. I have never seen one before. Thanks in advance for your help.


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It looks like you have a War Office Miniature Rifle, this one made by BSA? What calibre is it in?
Just noticed...LSA, god I'm stupid sometimes, have one in my collection.
Not really, depending on calibre, as these were made in 3 calibres, originally 230/290 short or long, 235/ 290 and later on .22rf, they are quite collectable and an important step in the training of the british youth in the early years.
They are made with military style sights and have a few interesting inovations, if you collect training rifles than you can add these to the 310 cadets and 230/290 cadets, .22rf Martini's and .22 SMLE family.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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