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Yes, please post some pics. We should be able to tell from them. Your best bet may be to restore the piece and sell it to a collector. There are replacement stocksets w/metal out there for around $50. Straight bolt bodies are still fairly affordable. Take the money and buy an original Swede sporter from someone like Allans Armory. You'll be way ahead. However, there is some satisfaction in "rolling your own" so to speak. I still love my Swede sporter I built 15 years ago. It too was from a non-matching rifle. Every gun lover should have at least one!

Richards Microfit makes a nice stock called the Old Classic which might work well. Theres also one called the Safari Classic which has a more European look with the small cheekpiece and some drop at the comb. You'd need to have a new low bolt handle welded on, barrel cut and crowned, new iron sights added and receiver drilled and tapped for a scope if desired. Then a low scope safety. Some of the guys on the Swede forum might help you find some older style iron sights.

Good luck,

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