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Hello all, this is my first post, and there seems to be alot of knowledgable users here on the subject. I have a husky 30-06 rifle, i believe it to be a 1640.
I read somewhere that the 1640 husqvarna says husky on it, mine does not, dont know if thats an automatic disqualification for it being a 1640.
Serial number 1377XX
It says nitro on the barrel, has the crown stamped on the receiver and on the butt plate.
on the rifle it says husqvarna vapenfabriks. has the wing safety or whatever its called ( going to have to remove that and have a sport safety for a scope,im assuming.
I would like to know the model, the year of its production, and where can i find mounting base for this? thanks so much for the help!

and btw. This thing is realy, really accurate
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