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Odd! There is no 'N' in th 1909 regulations... No 'C' either, except in 'G.d.C', which is 'Garde du Corps'.

If the 'C' is a 'G', then we have 'G.K.B.' as a posibility, which would suit 'Commando eine Kavallerie Brigade', but they would not have a company then weapon number. 'G.K.' would be 'Garde Kurrasier'. If the 'N' was a 'D', which it clearly isn't, then that would be 'Garde Kurrasier Division'...

These things were initially issued to cavalry and machinegun units only, so my money is on a cavalry unit marking of some kind - and yes, cavalry did have sawbacks!

Certainly not Weimar as Andy has pointed out.

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