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I got one of J&G's no.4 good that was on sale,rifle is in great shape the only problem
is that it is basicly sanitized.The only number on the socket is cc2xxxxA serial #
looks as if this was the only thing ever there,and it seems to be engraved ,quite
well and very uniformed.No other marks or proofs are visible with the wood on.
I pulled it form the wood the same serial # is present on barrel, same style,it has
a big N on the top of the barrel about 5/16 big,also has a three marks on the
barrel which have the crown on top the number beneath it ,a 24 62 &15,then
a N beneath the #.It also has a square looking C with a hash mark above and beneath
it.I have looked in my collectors books and gone to the good sights and i am stumped.
Any help or direction is much appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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