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Help finding website listing Husqvarna long gun models and dates of production

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In the past I had found a website listing all long gun models made by Husqvarna and their dates of production. Now I can't seem to locate it? Can anyone share the link? Thanks in advance, Joe

The old link no longer works,
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As you note and unfortunately for many of us, the "old Website" no longer exists. To my knowledge there is neither replacement, nor plan for resurrecting it/anything quite approaching. What remains is this Forum & experts frequenting. I have a copy of essential parts of that prior listing. Yet the possible problem of copyright issues and also the fact that, at least in the version I have, the SN to Mfg date listing requires some interpretation.
May I suggest that you post the relevant information: Mfg, Model, SN (using "x" as placeholder for the last two digits). You will likely have the benefit of expertise in providing the information and also to distinguish between nuances where required.
Just my take
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