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What is it about legs?
My dad, US Army 1952-1955 broke his ankles in jump school.
Then later that year November 52 just before Thanksgiving he suffered wounds to his right thigh and capf from "missle fragments ", chicom artillery.
He was put on a heated train south. And had surgery in Japan.
But while on the train he still had on his winter clothing.
There were two GI's in the car as guards against attack, one white one black.
Neither guy had winter gear. And at each stop they took turns standing outside to stand guard.
Well dad was covered in blankets >n a heated car so he called one of them over to help get his cost off which he then offered to him. He protested at first but finally accepted i after dad assured him he'd get new gear , which he did.l Dad offered him his n wintermboots as well, but they were to large so dad told him to ask the otherr guy. Similar size, the guy was grateful for them..

Dad was offered disability and a ticket home but insisted on going back to hIs unit which he did shortly after.
I only saw his scars once. Nearly thirty years later they stood out. No impairment though.
BTW dad was a BAR man in the 2nd Infantry division.
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