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Anyone go to the Harrisburg Pa show this weekend? What did you think?

Personally I thought the show sucked. I am getting pretty tired of these dealers jacking their prices to high heaven every time there is an ammo slump. I looked to buy some 7.62 X 54 in spam cans and the only guy who I saw that had any wanted $200.00 per can. He said it was "Sniper ammo". I about dropped a turd right there! I almost laughed at the guy but chose to just walk away! I don't care what he calls it, I ain't about to pay $200 for a spam can of anything!

I did find another guy who had a small amount of loose ammo. I bought 100 rounds just so I wouldn't leave empty handed. He said it was of Polish manufacture. I paid $5 a box. I still thought that to be a rip, but I ain't gonna cry over 25 bucks.c
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