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Not a usual thing

I agree the bolt hold open is a pain - mostly because I never use it so I have to study it when I do. I do not have any of the later or commercial ones , so I cannot comment on those. I do have 3 M65s from the 1200 , 2600 , and 14,000 ranges and they have never jammed or misfired unless extreamly dirty , and a few passes with an AR-15 toothbrush and they are up and running. I have a shooting companion with another M65 and it works perfect too. I have run subsonic and regular HV stuff , never any super-speed HV , lead and copper , RN and HP , Federal and Remington and Winchester and others. No problem.
I am sure you have cleaned and oiled the gun , disasembled , clean and dried you mags and given them a light coat of WD-40 and let them drain overnight before reassembly,etc. You said you put new springs in , were they new-new and orig H&R mfg? Have you checked the bolt and hammer and slide for free play? Any burrs?Extractor not chiped or spring weak? Ejector OK? Burr on feed ramp?
I am sure your problem is simple and easy to fix , we just have to find it. What exactly is it doing?
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