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Got to talk to Ed on Sat, my apologies for the rant
about "current events". No parking fee compared to
Norfolk ($4) sure makes a 2 day visit to the show
more enjoyable, more tables (about the same number
of beef jerky, knives, t-shirt & hat tables).
Sunday was a great day. Got there about 10:30 and
stayed til closing at 4PM. Introduced Mark to Badger
and looks like both will be happy with the 1917 Rev
deal. Then met a collector, Dave who lives nearby,
(close to Badger) and ended up spending time with
him on the Spanish FR8. Deja Vu Badger, Chantilly 2
years ago. He walked out with it, either $275 or $300,
if $275, same $ as my Chantilly FR8.
Here's the best part about the Show, Badger sold his
Ljungman to me for a great price. A 1943 !!! More
icing on the cake due to year. Got back to house and
LI (LiveIn) was gone shopping. AG42 carried into house
and will merge into rack with her no wiser. Mark and i
spent some time with the new addition to the family and
were amazed at the bolt speed. Having experiencd M1
thumb earlier (10th grade, 1959), can believe she
could almost sever a thumb. Gary, thankyou for my
long awaited '43 Ljungman. She will be happy in her
new home with her sisters: 1915 M96, 1942 M38, and
the 1903 M94 carbine project(almost finished).
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