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Hakim scope mount

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Hi guys. I'm new at this "forum" thing and not sure if I'm posting this properly. Forgive me if I'm doing things wrong. Anyway, we suffered a bad flood last fall and in short my neighbor gave me his Hakim. The barreled action, bolt, carrier, trigger pack, and other bits weren't in the flood. But some of the other parts were (stock etc.). So I've begun hunting down the missing/ruined parts. Now since it won't be very original and the stock is going to required extensive work, I thought : "Why not do something different?". I've been looking at Russian scopes and side mounts and wondered if anyone considered using a Dragunov style mount? I'm sure a good gunsmith could rig up what I need, but I wanted to get some opinions before I proceed. Any thoughts? I've never seen any of these mounts in person. Only pics on the web. Thanks,

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I might have a better idea, .Back in the mid 90's when clintons atf was burning kids to death (waco) and shooting mothers (ruby ridge) , my militia buddies and i were getting ready to fight. I had a hakim that i shot very good with a bi-pod . I wanted a scope on it and a local gun shop/smith i delt with mounted a long eye relief pistol scope on the rear sight. Well due to the wieght of the rifle it held a grouping you couldnt believe.
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