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This is a copy of someone else's post from searching about Hakims. I don't take credit for the original post info but it may be helpful. You have to make sure that the gas block is adjusted properly for the ammo you are shooting before you can worry about accuracy and exact sight settings. Might be something else but the gas pressure is important. Took me a while to learn that on mine.

Copy below with all mistakes, errors uncorrected:

This big, bad and loud semi auto 8mm mauser behemoth is awesome. I purchased one at first to shoot the cheap turkish 8mm ammo. But later found out the gun powder the turks used is way too hot for the cycle timing of the egyptain hakim.

A few years back these could be purchased really cheap. There were so called out of battery firings with these hakims so they thought. Accident after accident i said how can this be? Since i owned a few hakims now i wanted to see exactly what was happening during this so called out of battery firing. Since this semi auto has a gas adjustment valve i figure that most don't know how to adjust them correctly.

Low and behold i figured out its not an out of battery firing. If the gas valve is too far open the gas system receives more gas pressure than it needs to operate it. Whats happening is I figured out the bolt carrier/bolt are moving rearward before the bullet has left the barrel with the 50k psi of gas pressure still present in the chamber/barrel. The shooter is actually getting hit in the face with the chamber/breech pressure. Its not, not an out of battery firing. There is a little lever inside the receiver that won't allow the hakim to fire unless its in full battery its an interuptor. You need to adjust the gas valve on the hakim to the ammo your shooting in it. Then you need to readjust it again when you cahnge brands of ammo. We need to know our weapon and how it functions to be safe and enjoy these awesome military surplus guns.

How to adjust the gas valve on your egyptian 8mm hakim;

First your gas adjustment screw, we need to make sure it turns and its not frozen stuck. I disassemble the gas port assemble and clean the gas port body inside and lube the threads with moly anti seeze so it will remain free. Don't pry the spring loc too much. Pry it just enough to turn the gas port screw to back it out. If its stuck it may or may not free up by soaking it with the PB blaster over night. I have had the screws so frozen i needed to use a small propane torch and heat it a little just under the flange on the gas port body till the screw frees up. Ok now your gas port is clean and its reassembled with anti seeze on the threads.

The hakim is a swedish design too. Its copied from the swedish ljungman. If you like the hakim you need to collect the swedish ljungman and the egyptian rasheed too. Seeing all 3 next to each other isan awesome sight.

To adjust the gas valve on the egyptian 8mm hakim. Remember this adjustment screw adjusts how much gas the system gets to operate it. It meters the gas the system sees so the more its closed the less gas the system gets to operate it. I first close the gas port screw all the way clockwise till it stops. Then i open it till i hear one click counter clockwise. Now i load one round in the mag and fire it. If the bolt carrier locks open (last round fired empty mag) then the setting is ok, "maybe". I then load two rounds and test fire it again. If it cycles ok again and the bolt carrier is open(last round fired empty mag) and the bolt carrier appears not to be slow or sluggish your ok. If it appears to be slow of sluggish then open the gas port screw counter clockwise one more click. And again test fire it with one round, if thats ok then go with two rounds. If she cycles ok with two rounds your ready to try a full mag. It should run flawless. Remember this type of gas system adjusts how much gas the system gets to operate it so the more the gas port screw is closed the better. The egyptain rasheed has the similair design on its gas system too and it adjusts the sameway. If the gas adjustment screw turns remember to remove it and clean it and lube it with the moly anti seeze so it will remain free. If you don't it will seeze up trust me i know. And one click open on the gas adjustment screw seems to be the norm.

On the russian SVT-40 Tokarev with its gas adjustment screw again your adjusting how much gas the systen gets to operate it. The low setting of 1.3 seems to be the norm on these svt-40's. I've seen the settings on these at the 1.7 setting and its like getting hit with a baseball bat in the shoulder because there is so much extra gas in the system the bolt carrier is slamming the rear of the receiver its that bad. On this one too the more its closed the better so the lower number on the setting is good. Make sure you line up the scribed lines too because the gas port holes are very small so the scribed lines need to be lined up perfectly for the svt 40 to operate. If the scribed lines aren't lined up the semi auto won't function.

The FN49 semi auto;

On the FN49 this is an adjustable gas system too. It has a sleeve we turn to expose a gas port slot. The more the slot is open the more gas we exhaust from the gas system. So the more the gas port is open the less gas the system sees to operate it. In this case the more its open the better. I start off with the gas port all the way open and fire one round and close it a little at a time till the bolt carrier locks open, (last round fired empty mag) and continue to fire one round and close it a little each time till the bolt carrier locks open. This is a finer adjustment and may take a few rounds to adjust it right. You want the adjustment perfect on this one too. Once your firing one round and the bolt carrier is locking the chamber open. Your ready to fire two rounds. If that goes ok then try a mag full. But again if its slow or sluggish you may close it just a tad to insure that the cycling is ok. Remember were adjusting how much gas is exhausted from the system on this FN49.

Please besafe and do it right and enjoy these awesome semi auto's they will give us a lifetime of shooting pleasure. Godbless, Bigbill

BTW; Did i say the egyptian hakim in 8mm is one of my favorites to shoot? It is, it really is...kidding.I like shooting it and watching the grass on the ground infront of the bench move. If your not sure on how to adjust it or any other stuff just feel free to ask, besafe and enjoy.
Thank you. I believe I have the gas system adjusted correctly. Bolt cycles normally. Cannot figure why rounds would be impacting so high? Wondering if front sight is adjustable? Don't want to tinker with it too much....
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