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Had a thumb safety installed on my G 27, best thing I ever did.

I know some of Glock worshippers are going to flame me, but I did it, I had Ten Ring install a thumb safety on my Glock 27.

The first auto I ever owned, and still have, is my Springfield 1911 A1, I really rely on its thumb safety to keep it from firing when I don't want it to.

But I always wanted a Glock, don't know why, just one of those things. So, I bought me a G27, but I was always uncomfortable with the idea that a piece on my shirt, or something else, could snag the trigger and make it fire as I re-holstered it. I experimented, and with the gun empty, I let it hang from my finger, kinda bounced it, and the trigger pulled, so I know a piece of shirt could make it do it, too.. I guess I could say that that G27 has a "hair trigger" (makes it shoot REAL good, though). I thought about keeping the chamber empty, but didn't want to do that. Solution, thumb safety - I came across it in one of my gun rags.

I'm so sold on a thumb safeties, that I even sold my old XD45, then turned right around and bought the new one with the thumb safety.

The only autos I own with no thumb safeties are my Ruger LCP and KT PF9. But on both of them, the length of the trigger pull is considerable, so I feel okay with those.

It's my hangup, but I just like notion of a safety on a gun that shots as easily as one like my Glock. Oh, the thumb safety on the G27 is right were it is on the 1911, so it took no getting used to.

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